Sun color with physical sky transmittance

Is there a way to get the sunlight to get properly colored by the sky texture?
I’m using the Sun Position addon and it does a great job, but it doesn’t color the sunlight.


Use a sky texture for the world as well :slight_smile:

I have the sky texture for the world, it’s good. But the sun at the horizon stays white :frowning: It doesn’t have physical values depending on its position in the sky and the sky turbidity.

Bump, because there must be has a solution (otherwise that’s a weird half finished feature :frowning: )

EDIT: Ok so my idea is to actually create an emissive sphere instead of a sun lamp, and give it the sky textures as a color, and a very bright emissive intensity. Problem is that I want to use the same Sky texture for the sky and the sun so they are always linked together. But in the Node Editor, World and Materials are separated. Any idea how I could use the same Sky texture for both?


Both together do not work.
Try if it fits you… using Blackbody node in Cycles for sun color.

I ended up animating the color by hand. The blackbody would just help me to get realistic colors, but wouldn’t link the color with the sky texture. That’s a bit of a shame :frowning:

If you use HDRi images you don’t even need a Sun lamp. The Sun in the image becomes a light. This works for most scenes assuming you don’t need a time lapse of the Sun in motion. Even in that case you could use animated HDRi sequences.

I want a full day cycle that why I wanted to use the physical sky.

Also note that 90% of HDRI that you can find or buy on internet do not have enough dynamic range to get the proper sun intensity (you have to use strong ND filters).

There is one HDRI full day cycle with enough dynamic range available on the internet, I’ve used it before but this time I wanted something without any clouds.

But thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: Too bad that Cycles doesn’t have a full Physical Sun and Sky like other renderers.

It is not implemented yet. I think it will be very nice to add sun circle to “Sky Texture” node, and respect it with “background MIS”, it will save many atrist time.

If you want, LuxRenders sun/sky lamp does alter both the suns intensity/colour as well as the sky’s as you rotate the lamp.

Here’s an older render I did:

I’d like to bake an animation, and I think luxrender doesn’t support it. Anyway, animating it by hand will do the trick this time :slight_smile: Thanks!