sun, earth, moon

ive never tried this part of the forum and didnt wanted to come with something too complex, so this is my starting image and i would like some opinions on how this could be improved, also im looking for numbers of real proportions, like the size of the earth’s radius compared to its distance to the sun and the moon and their respective radius compared to it. Here we go, all in blender, using compositor to glue:

Well at that angle you wouldn’t really be a ble to see the Sun, Also you might want to add a cloud texture over earth to add more realism. Pretty good so far:p

i will animate this image later, then i think that you will get a better “view” of where is the sun, cause you cant see it from there but its very far from earth, though it looks like its close, i am thinking on a way to add the atmosphere to earth, but hadnt any insights so far, thanks for the compliment.

added the atmosphere.

Cool, but the clouds are up too high. Nice work so far, the only problem is that the sun looks small and close instead of big and far. I’m not sure how you would fix this, though. Great work so far.

Hey, Greboide…

Thought you might want to check out this site…

It contains color, bump and transparency maps for all the main planets(click on the faded images on top) and also some great reference pictures for the earth and moon! + extras!!!

Also, in the picture you rendered it looks as if the picture was stretched?The earth does not look round, but has a bit of an oval feel?

Keep it up…

nice work but the sun looks too small but .look at mines i have drawn the whole solar system just some balls
my sun is worst than your:p

Indeed, clouds are too high… You may find this link useful:

I you have some time, I’d also suggest you to grab a “real” background. Blender internal stars generator isn’t quite realistic…

Also, try using a more blurred cloud texture for the sun…

keep going!

My distances are a bit different and im using only my head to calculate until now so it might be wrong i dont know.

Im trying to get a better planet earth near shot and i them i update it again.

Try making more shading on the planets.

Take the specularity down a little bit.

look at as many reference pics as possible.

GEFORCE’s proportions far are off.

You need to: Remove all spec mapping, Get better textures, Get better lighting, make a better earth atmosphere, use post pro, and make the stars smaller.

Is it even practical to use real-world scale for an image of the whole solar system? To get the scaling realistic each planet would have to be microscopic on the image to get the right distance between them.

GE-FORCE… I think your Solar System is a little out of order. Mars comes after Earth, not before. :confused:

You can use a sphere with a simple halo material to create a nice glowing effect. The trick is to scale it down to where you can see the outer glow but the halo material does not overpower your earth material. Here’s an example:

hmm, very nice i will play with this, thanks for adding to it, comparing to your image i still have a long journey :).

Eh, it’s nothing but a pretty sphere. I could make you an example .blend file of the glow effect if you’d like. I also have some high resolution earth textures I can send you. = )