Sun haze Blender/Cycles

Hi Folks.

Using the Blender Render it’s really quite easy to get a really moody sun haze over a large plane. I’m struggling to reproduce this with cycles, has anyone got any ideas?


Check out Andrew Price’s tutorial here:

You can download 2.71 RC 2 here:

Many thanks Sabba, I’ll watch this later, already testing 2.71 and having fun!

If what you want is, say, a very large hazy environment (such as the steamy summer day we’re having here … cue the sound-effect of cicadas here as our hero struggles toward the almost-dry – yeah, he survives – water pump …) you can also purely-fake that by compositing a color-ramp across the entire frame.

Use a subtle ramp of mostly yellowish tones, and mix it lightly over the rest of the frame. Desaturate the other signal before you mix it in, and consider also giving it a slight uniform color-shift towards the opposite side of the color wheel from the dominant color of the ramp. A slight increase in contrast may help sell it, too.

This is good for that steamy, brassy look, or for fog when there doesn’t need to be a pair of headlights shining through the fog.

You can do the entire effect “in post,” and I probably would. Let Cycles produce the basic scene with a good, clean exposure, then go back and add the sweltering look to it after the fact.

Thanks sundi, I’ll have a look at this also. The Volume’s look beautiful but without any GPU support it’s turning an 8 second render into 2 minutes, I can’t afford that for the animation.