Sun Lamp sky/atmosphere - how to preserve white colors

does anyone knows what to do to preserve white colors when using the atm/sky setting in sun lamp? other colors seems to be fine, but the white materials always look yellowish.

any idea?


Interesting, on my screen it looks pink! Could be the monitor color balance. May I suggest render and then load the image in blender or gimp and then go to the color picker and see just what color it is really rendering.

I also think that is the point of the sun/sky. It varies its color depending upon the angle.

well i know that it might look with some yellow but there might be some kind of trick or config to make some things white, the gimp thing is a good idea but im trying to make an animation.

It is actually not a realistic behaviour for white colors to stay white. In Reality, how many white objects do you see around you? When the lighting is tinted, white colors tend to have a slight color tint as well (not that much thanks for the adaption of the eye, but still…there’s almost no perfect white).

Therefore: you might do some of the following things. Increase the emit value for the white material, use some toon shader, a color ramp or use some node magic (either overlay two materials: one pure white, the other normal and then use a mix node to control how much the white materials shines through the other - or do some compositing nodes tricks: mask out the white objects, overlay a white color and mix them together). There might be other ways, these are just some suggestions.