Sun not moving

Hello all,
I’m rendering a complete car and set the sun at the back. Now I’ve decided that I want it at the front and moved it, but when I render it gives me the exact same result as having the sun in the initial place. Any ideas why this is happening?

I’ve even tried leaving the original sun in but hiding it and adding a second one at the front, didn’t work. The shade was from the original one.

So basically the sun isn’t moving from it’s original position although I have changed it.

The sun lamp only indicates the direction of the light. You can position it wherever you like and it will make no difference if you don’t change its rotation.

Read the manual

Sun lamps emit light in a given direction. Their position is not taken into account; they are always located outside of the scene, infinitely far away, and will not result in any distance falloff.Because they are not located inside the scene, their strength uses different units, and should typically be set to lower values than other lights.

Otherwise post a link to your blend file and show screenshots explaining your problem

Thank you very much for the reply.
I should look at the manual more often than just basing my learning process on youtube videos.
Thank you once again.

Nothing wrong with learning from youtube. I have learned almost everything I know in blender from youtube, but reading the manual can fill in the gaps.