Sun shadow soft fade out!

As we know, sun shadow is very limited in it’s size. Now I want ot know if it is possible to make the frustom fade out at it’s edge softly, so it is not such sharp. Do you have any idea on how to do it?

Hello! Since 2.75 (2.74.5), Panzergame added a debug box for sun lamps shadows. Shadows could cover a very large area:

Actually, I don’t think it’s limited… However, I have no answer about the shadows at the frustum’s border.

(In the image, the ground is a plane scaled by 1000)

Well, I want high resolution, good visual and solid framerate at once, and as Blender has no built-in cascade maps and my version is in very early WIP, I may need more of help here.

I can understand what you are trying to do. Unfortunately shadow calculation is pretty expensive and has it’s limitations.

As your light source represent sunlight, why would you fade it out at the borders? The sun itself is no giant spot light. You could use a spot light (as that supports blending to the border). Unfortunately it blends towards the shadow and not towards the light.

I suggest to make the light’s cone large enough that the borders are not obvious to the audience.

and do not forget the usual trick … parent the light to the camera. This way the camera is never near the border of your shadows.

Well, spolight - perspective shadows.:frowning: