Sun Splash

And a little closer in to the sun.

That’s cool . . . the mountains kinda ruin the feel though. I makes the wave seem much closer than the horizon, but the lighting is wrong for having the sun there :confused:

Not mountains. Clouds. See ref photo:

But they do look like mountains. If the sun were there, in reality, everything else would be completely black; not appealing image. Used a ref photo to keep it grounded somewhat in reality, even though it’s completely unrealistic to have the sun splash into the ocean. :confused:

Thanks for the comments!

Looks like a nuke in water :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice render! Sunsets are very challenging (and rare) to do in CG and this is one of the better results I have seen. My one suggestion would be to make the clouds a little flatter on the bottom, real clouds aren’t usually that jagged on the bottom.

@Gspin: I would love to make an animation out of this and have it create a huge wave and overtake the camera, but that’s not likely to happen. :\

@Peter G: Thanks! Good point on the clouds; they were without a doubt the hardest part. I tried several different methods and spent way way too much time fighting them. Unfortunately they took 9.5 solid days to render on an i7 2700K 32GB system (6000px wide image, some 1000 or so samples) and unless I can achieve something in Photoshop I’m not real likely to revise any time soon. :(:no: