Born from a strange experiment with a plan and the noise function.
I must post it or i will keep on finding something to fix till the end of my life…

Here it is.

Thanks for the feedback in the wip forum, that has helped a lot!

That’s a cool image. I was surprised when it finally loaded up on my screen.


Beautiful, it looks like a decorative mask.
I like a lot the gold texture, with small grains.

Maybe there are some things that could be improved in this, but right now, I don’t know what. It just look really great to me :slight_smile:

looks pretty cool. I like the materials you’ve used with this. My only beef is the lips, don’t like the color.

Modeling is good too.

Very nice, I like the shader you used for the gold, very interesting

Thank you for the nice comments!
I can see that you liked gold so here’s the settings, all procedural and shading.
I hope i haven’t forget anything!

And this was the wip thread.

Whoa, neato.

I love the eyes… those were very well made.

This project is really good. It reminds me of some kind of sun god.

On a personal note: I liked this angle and composition a bit better. I would love to see another image rendered with a version of your finished model from a perspective like this. I realize the thing on the forehead might look funny but you could always put it on an unrendered layer. Nice model!

Hi, thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hippie: uhm, lips were a bit more orange like in the previous version (i have here with somefixes).

choice3d: here’s a different angle version (done some other fixes and minor changes here, too). Did you mean the orange stone or to the halo light thing with " thing on the forehead"?

Thanks again!
Sorry for my english…

TiZeta, well, you’ve heard my support all along in this one :wink:
I love all the improvements you’ve made, except for the halos you’ve added. Actually, I like the rays of light coming out of RAYS.jpg, but not the other ones.

I like this as well the textures are good, gold and purple rock. The face to me seems androgynous.

Do the MOON, Do the MOON

wow, thanks!
Paroneayea: yes, the feedback in wip has been very useful. I intended to keep the very first version (it seemed almost finished to me) but comments have helped me to improve and obtain something better…
Sornen: you’re right ì, the face is androginous. Actually, i don’t know if that is male or female… i’ve changed mind so many times! But with the beard it was ridicoulus…
ChooDaddy: i was thinking to make what you told… if i have time.

thanks again!! :smiley:

lol do you know who this mage looks like? it is the egyptian guy from stargate. i do not know how to spell his name but for some reason
i needed to think about him the first second i saw your image!

good work!


Great job TiZeta! Personally I liked the RAYS.jpg better too. It looked awsome being at an angle with those beams comming out.