A sun…

Please comment and give C&C. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Deleted the moon

these pictures are REALLY Dark… but what i see looks good ^^

i can tell that the sun is supposed to be a sun, but the moon isnt so obvious. other than that they look nice :slight_smile: maybe add another light source to illuminate the back of them a little

@sliX: I wanted them this dark… I’ll try lighting it up a little though.

@frig: I haven’t paid so much attention to the moon. Did it in 10 minutes (after creating the face). I think I’ll delete it and start a new one.

Thanks for your replies!

Here is a wire and a not composited version (which is much lighter).

I really like this concept, and I think that it could be a forum gallery piece of artwork once you find a scene, but I’d suggest bringing the moon back.

Gallery? You’re kidding right?

I think I’ll bring a moon back, but not the old one. I’ll work on a new face. It’s a bit boring when they all look like each other…

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

A new moon. I still need to figure out how to light it to get more grain…

I know this one is even darker. But… well… the moon only shows at night…

EDIT: Replaced with a more grainy one

An update to the moon. I added some wrinkles and applied a marble to nor. I know it looks horrible… Does anyone know how to make it look older so I can remove the marble… And rockier…

Thanks in advance!

try toning down the nor a bit, and making sure it doesnt go over the eyes.
you could also try making the eyes a bit different colour, e.g-white as the moon casts white light.
i really like the modelling though, its inspiring!

Thank you :). I will try that tomorrow when I’ve got a bit more time to try some other things as well. First I need to learn for a major Greek test.

And… Does anyone have an idea for a scene or something? Thanks in advance!

I thought maybe just some stars on the left, transitioning (sp?) to bright day on the right, with the two heads on each side.
btw, i must remember to say this, i LOVE the modelling, especially on the moon-it could be a piece on its own.

What I do is I add a ‘noisy’ voroinoi texture on ‘mix’ to the the ‘NOR’ channel. This will create a ‘bump map’ or sort of ‘deform the surface’, and make things look more realistic as texture loses its ‘plastic’ appearance as ‘light’ is ‘scattered’.

Post a blend if you like I can demo it.

EDIT Oh I like the models BTW!

i dunno wether its what your looking for but ya never know, its a texture i whipped up if its any use ill PM you the blend, lovin the scene.


Looks nice… Please do PM me.

And… what scene? :wink:

i mean the general scene, the moon and the sun. heres the blend file, couldnt PM it to ya.

WoW, great idea :slight_smile:
an nicely modeled up to now.
Greatz Michael

OK. Thanks!

And also thanks to michael

Here’s the new moon. I changed the shaders slightly, but it is mainly the same.
So is it alright for me to use it?

I also did some contrast adding to make the back of the moon blend smoothly with the background.

Try using emit to give the sun and moon their own glow, rather than using all reflected light. On a side note, the sun looks a bit like the medusa on Athena’s shield.