Does anyone know a good tutorial/way to make a good sun (space scene). The final result is supposed to be some kind of eclipse/sunrise scene but I would already be happy with a normal sun.


look at the materials and node set up in this blend file

Thank you for the reply but im more looking for something like this:

Go with Halo.

I don’t know if this will work but I think you can just “make” the shape of it.
add a circle and decrease the vertices to 8 and extrude the edges (the sun rays)
then apply a spherical blend texture, click the alpha option, decrease the z-transparent all the way down to 0 (so, it will look like the sun ray slowly fades away)
Hope this helps
by the way, you might also want to use the nodes to enhance the final result

I played around with the nodes and halo material yesterday and that’s what i got. Still I’m not yet happy with it:

Halo has loads of settings! How about this one:

What is your mesh looking like? These Stripes is what i couldn’t produce yet.
Btw. I made a few adjustments and are now at this here: