Sunbathing Snoopy

I made a Schulz’s cover :-p
Modeling, rendering and composing in Blender 2.62.
Hope you enjoy it!

A classic, though I seem to remember it from the other side.

Cute, good idea, I’m learning how tot modle now so I can do things like this in the future

@Thiezar, I like it! The render is generally very nice except Snoopy himself is quite noisy.

@Hotzst, I did a search for “Snoopy doghouse” on Google Images and the view from this side seems to be the most common.

EDIT: It might be fun to go back and put Woodstock sitting on his nose.

EDIT AGAIN: And there it’s me not remembering the “classics.” Woodstock generally sat(or laid) on Snoopy’s belly.

i don’t know whether you’re going for realism in the grass or not but the grass does seem a bit weird. It looks very flat to me.
And i agree with BentFX: A Woodstock sitting on him would look really nice. Otherwise, the scene looks good.