Sunburnt Jason

hey everyone :smiley: :smiley: !

my latest project is “Jason” soon to be added to an animation…but one thing at a time. He just needs some C&C. I was having the most trouble with believable hair…i’m not sure how to map it. RIght now it’s just planes and flat mapped textures to Alpha, Color, and Spec.

The photos on the server aren’t exactly the high quality i wanted…but i know it’s reliable. :-?

Hey, that looks very good, and he seems to have a lot of character. You could improve the lighting though, it needs to be brighter.

Great modelling.

This is a good model, I really like the hair, too. I see some angles in the hair though. It needs to be smoothed out a little. Check out the following image I did with the Make Human script as a guide:

Is that you in those other pics…:smiley:

Okay…(heralding music) a little more lighting. I uploaded a few more, plus one where i attempted a crooked smile.

Yup, that’s me… :wink:
Female Blenderers will one day rule the Earth!

I noticed the angles in the hair…but i played with it and couldn’t seem to rid myself of them. mumble mumble Accursed angles…:x

The textures need a lot of work. The eyes are really weird looking, and the whole thing is quite low poly. Are you going for a game model or something? Looking good. I like it, but it needs a bit of work.