Sunday afternoon blend: Digimon Character

Finally had a sunday off work, and my amount of artistic frustration was high, so i did a quick look around for a nice character design i could have a crack at. Though digimon isnt an anime i watch, the character designs are good, and i wanted to try something a bit less serious then most of my other characters.




Only a couple of hours in so far, just hit 3pm, thought id post in my progress for this char (i think the only time ive ever done this, seems like good fun though to share the progress). Just starting on the body now, hoping to do a small animation when hes all finished to scratch up on my skills, lord knows i need to start on a new portfolio :x

Anywho feedback most welcome, this is my first try at a more anime/cartoony character. Should be able to post some more progress soon =)

Peace out! 8)

^^ Lonhc you’ve come sot my site… oh the fun of modeling anime propotions that dont work ^-.

Love the hair and goggles… and eyes… hell just finish the damn model aready lol

ok 2 more hours work and a food break, heres the progress 8)

Looking really good so far.Are you going to toon shade and light it to get the anime look?

thanks ronin, i dont beleive ill try and give him a toon look, i think the look of lighting i want more is that of ‘cg anime’ which is seen in such things like final fantasy 9 cutscenes, star ocean and the likes. Though, these arnt finalised materials, im concentrating on modelling him at the moment, then i can get down in to the nitty gritty clean up =)

hey lohnC… I’m so happy to see you blending again!!!
charechter looks awsome… you really captured that anime “cuteness”. are you going to use alpha maps for the hair or you going to leave like that?

It looks Fantastic LohnC! :o How did you make the hair?

hey were have you been
i miss seeing your work!

great stuff as always

ooh I really like this style character. Do you mostly use box-modelling for it?

that’s really good !

I like it a lot. Looks like one of the proffessional anime-to-3D converts!

Also can I add? How did you make the hair?

DUDE!!! Where the hell have you been?!!!

Glad to see you back and doing some stuff. Looking awesome, as usual.

Great character.


very good character!
the hair is perfect!

Awesome smoothness and model style. I really like it. Are you gonna animate him? :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice shader, the model is nice too
good work
keep it up

hey thanks for the kind words, im glad you like it =))

the week hit me but this sunday i got to finish him up, only had an hour or so though to blend today, luckily enough to finish what little i had left.

i got some cool insight into what goes into a more cartoony character, so i found it a very important study, even if very quick and simple, now all thats left to do is rig and animate, should have it up soon =)

Peace out! 8)

Dang that’s good!
It’s good to see that so many of the people whose skill I’ve envied are still around %|

You are seriously the man LohnC. This guy is perfect. Excellent mix of toon and realism.