Sunday afternoon


Here is a simple scene, the main goal was to get a shinny room and a nice atmosphere with very few elements.

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Yaf(a)ray version 187 using Pathtrace and just a emitter mesh as the unique light source.
Postpro to add the glow fx

Nice has a very open airy and yet warm peaceful feeling. Simple but effective. Five stars.

I agree with the above. Not sure about the colour bleeding under the chair though.

4 stars.

It smells like new houses smell. :slight_smile:

Is good.

Kinda reminds me of a castle, maybe because of the bricks in the wall ;), nice lighting.

I like it, but I’m not sure green is the right choice of colour for the chair. It just doesn’t look right in the scene. Just a thought though.


Someone needs a decorator :wink:

Very nice, well achieved realism and…looks like a nice place to catch up on my reading.

Very nice lightsetup. No offense, but I don’t think there is much effort put into this one and I think you could do so much better than a white room with a single chair in it. I am no fan of stilistic work though so this is just me talking.

Dont think it looks sunny, looks bright but overcast. Nice render.