Sunday Morning Kitchen 2.8

It has long been a challenge undertaken by 3D artists, making a kitchen presents all kinds of technical expertise. One of the most overlooked is getting all the pieces to be to scale. I used a lot of assets for this, and from all kinds of sources from previous projects to free models I was able to get from Blend swap and sketchfab, and many of them I had to work out the measurements for and I’m still not sure I was right about some of them. I even added additional difficulty by making this my first serious project in Blender 2.8 the newest version that at the time of making this was still in early versions and not officially released yet. Despite all the hurdles just making this scene was a real achievement for my work ethic. I understand a lot better how I could go about making a scene like this and next time I’m sure I’ll do it in a better time and with better results, so it was a successful, fruitful project.

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Polygons: XD
Verts: XD
Samples: 1000
Resolution: Varied – 1920x1080
Software: Blender 2.8

Resources and References used

Model Assets