Sunday morning

I try to make a nice mood, whit the holiday’s in my mind.So this could by the result of a long party, after a sunny Saturday.
Some issues whit the glass, that y could resolved here.
I by happy to read your comments.

Nice work.

Maybe add some depth to the stones on the floor. If it’s meant to be a sunny day what about a bit more sunshine and hard edged shadows instead of the soft diffuse ones?

good stuff

thanks fobsta , I update the image.


Very nice. The water looks weird tho.

What renderer are you using for this?

thanks Urth , your invited next year :wink:
@ elek : your right I am still working on that water.
Rendered in ambient occlusion in blender. if you want more details , just ask :slight_smile:

I also like the mood effect you created; nice work:)

Nice composition! The whole mood of the piece makes me smile.

Did you start with a photo? A drawing? Combinations of the two? I’d love to hear more about your workflow on this piece.

Very nice image, and my advices to you:

1 - add some light, increase overall energy power and cast hard shadow as previously said by fobsta, you can play with hard contrast beetween shadows and light and obtain a really interesting mood;
2 - glass are… clean! after a party the surfaces of glasses are dirty, very dirty :wink: so dirty your textures and have fun!

Thanks ShilaM , I try that , but lightening is not my speciality.
Curious about to hear your opinion.