Sundown Saloon-Major Update

This is the first time I have tried to use volumetric lighting, shadows, etc.

If someone would care to take a look and offer comments and/or suggestions I would appreciate it very much.

Looks good, only I think you may have overdone the lighting a hair. Also, I would suggest changing the color of the lights to a pale yellow color for more realism.

You’ve given the apparance that there’s some really really bright light in htere. Also, as has been mentioned already, your texturing is a bit repetitive on your boards. Try and have some more spec and bump as well because it currently has a bit of a flat illustrated feel. You modeling is excellent though and it looks very realistic from a geometry point of view. Hope that helps!

Indeed, lower the light halo. Also try to use the tree script to make your own tree. Because the tree at the background looks a bit fake. I also used the tree script (Lsystem) and it’s great, just set some values and create, viola a tree. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also recommend tweaking the ground texture as well. I don’t know if it is procedral or an image texture, but I think it could be scaled down a little. Maybe change the bumpmap value too.

It seems to me that you probably didn’t get as many replies as you were hoping after all of your hard work and the obvious amount of effort you must have put into this. Lemme just say, don’t let that discourage you from continuing to work on things. Please.

Secondly, I think you’ve got a lot of talent with your modeling, but you need to work on your lighting a little, and your texturing is very monochrome. I know you’ve worked hard on those two things.

My first time would be to add a large spot somewhere to cast light on everything…I know you’re going for something dark looking, but just play with that idea for a bit and see what you think. I hope you keep working on this project because its really cool. Good luck!

I totally dig the feel that this still emotes. It’s nice and creepy. Desoto’s suggestion of adding a spot for shadows is a good one. I’d also look into adjusting your world settings to add a mist so your division between earth and sky isn’t so abrupt.

Great job… keep pushing it.

Desoto and Fweeb,

Thanks for the comments guys. I have redone some of the textures, added hills in the background, used the l-script for a tree and put an overall spot in the background.

If you haven’t looked in the last 24 hours take another look and see what you think.

You might need to try Control/Refresh to clear the buffer.