Sunflow 0.07.3 exporter for blender 2.68

Hi :slight_smile:
Just a personal project with my friend, thought I would share.
Anyone interested please go to this page
Just pre-beta version, not even tried for a clean up. So you may find lots of bugs. Only tested with windows 7.
Please submit your bugs at
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Happy rendering with sunflow.


pardon my ignorance, what is sunflow?

Its ok , its an old render engine ( biased )

Hey, wow, I just now saw this! Neat! Thanks for doing that. I took it upon myself a while back to try to rework a script for Sunflow for 2.67 - 2.68, but I never really did sink my teeth into it since I had so much else going on. Thanks for doing this, Iā€™m going to check it out.

Do you happen to have a sunflow.jar file for Sunflow 0.7.3? I downloaded the source but I have no experience in Java. Iā€™m savvy enough to use a command line, but Iā€™m unclear on what exactly to include to create the .jar file after the class files have been made.

Edit: Never mind, I found the compiling section in the sunflow wiki.