well, I was VERY bored :slight_smile:
and… I needed one picture for intranet stuff here at work, preparing for summer… hehheh…


cool :wink:


that is too cute!! :smiley:

That’s nice work.

It’s so cute I want to giggle :smiley:

hehheh… great … looks like it did what it was meant to do. small penguins are cute, and sunflowers are cute too,there’s this hippy-feeling in them… by combining these two (which is ofcourse quite absurd) I thought I could achieve something veryvery cute.

good to hear it worked out well :slight_smile:

thanks for support.

p.s. it will be used in Helsinki (Finland) City Library intranet pages.

p.p.s. harkyman, what the hell is that avatar all about? huh :slight_smile:


Cool! I love penguins, and I’m growing some sunflowers right now, so I deffinitly like this pic. Very nice eyes and the blur/grain is very nice.


When I see stuff like this, it makes it hard to believe that humans spend so much time killing and hating each other.

I agree with you.

forgot to say, Nice pic. Keep up the good work.

Where do you work!!! [>] [!]

Sunflowers and penguins for the intranet!?!?!?!?!?!

Good pic.

sweeeet stuff basse :wink:

What a beautiful penguin!
I love Linux 8)