Sung and Nannu

(Carl) #1

Today we implented some small AI into our penguins!

go check it out at:

Carl and Suzanne

(saluk) #2

I’ve been waiting forever to see more of this game! It’s so cool!!!

Pretty nice test from the looks of it, a bit random, but still pretty cool.

(gargola) #3

it was about time man! :smiley: i wanted to see your game,the screenshots were great…anyway,i’m downloading now. :smiley: :smiley:

(gargola) #4

great man!!! i like that bunny! he he! keep up the good work. :smiley:

(TorQ) #5

Very nice stuff so far. You guys have a nice style going on here.


(Yamyam) #6

This is so cool and These character are so funny and so cute! I love them!:smiley:
Great work!!!

(Carl) #7

thanks everyone!

This is a school project of ours that is about to end…we will probably have a relatively nice demo of the game, and after our exams we will see if we are going to polish it up and finish it some more…

So thanks again for all the nice comments, I hope that we can end up with something as nice as you all hope it to be, but I cannot promise too much…

Carl and Suzanne

(Abracsis) #8

Best thing Ever! one request. make them smarter, and never stop making them smarter. and then when windows gets their act together and allows an animated background, make it so. P.s make them even smarter!


(Carl) #9

I got the bunnies to do flips now… does that count as ‘smarter’ :smiley:


(Pooba) #10

Cool! I like it, but it is pretty random. Is your project for high school or college? I wish my high school would have a class like that…


(Carl) #11

It’s a sort of college project… and I know it’s pretty random, the creatures really don’t do much…but it’s fun to look at anyway…

Our school accepts foreign students, so if you’re still in high school, maybe you should check it out at they have a game-design ‘course’ you can take… it doesn’t really translate as a course, it’s more of an entire program…


(nozzy) #12

Some nice python going on guys, and some good clean design its really looking good :wink:

(Carl) #13


I hope to post more of a whole demo soon…


(saluk) #14

Can’t wait!

(S_W) #15

Wow! Great modelling and great AI! I like especially the penguins and their way to slide over the ground. :wink: Keep the excellent work up! :stuck_out_tongue: