Sunglasses (Now with actual handle thingies)

Blender CVS (Checked out less than 3 hours ago), Yafray 0.0.7 on Linux 2.6.7 … I didn’t time it.

Basically, just playing with creases and yafray. They’re not finished yet, obviously (How would you attach these to your face? That and the lenses aren’t actually pinned to the frame yet). I’m impressed with the results so far myself.

And a wire :wink: (I suspect I could do a leetle better on the number of verts in the frames, but here we are for now):

Crits as you see fit. :smiley:

Now, here’s a question for you: Have you ever had yafray decide after a few renders to ignore your arealights, and if so, what caused it and how did you fix it?
I’m also trying to apply a ‘silvering’ texture (a gradient) to the lenses that affects RayMirr, I’m not sure if it’s my bad applying the texture wrong or if yafray just doesn’t allow you to do that…

Nice shades, they need handles.

YOU LIE! They can be like the glasses from the matrix that morpheous (spelling?) has… those glasses are awsome 8)

Nice pic

“Morpheus”, and no he doesn’t lie. I’d have to change the shape of the frames drastically in order do do a nose clip that didn’t draw blood just to stay on, so the options are handles, magic, or an ionomagnetic beam…

they aint the same shape as morpheus but same style got a poster on my wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I hate to break the clip-on conspiracy up, but I updated the model with clamps for the handles (No actual handles yet, but I’ll probably do them in about 5 minutes flat some time tomorrow). Yeah, I ditched the ionomagnetic beam, too…

As you can see, I moved the camera a bit.

Look ma, I found the Yafray DoF settings! I find the result to be very yukky. Is there some way of … blurring the blur so it’s blurry? That doesn’t involve photoshop…

So, according to the terminal output, it took 14m36.81s to render. Seems a bit long, eh?

Using “Autosmooth” instead of just setting the mesh smooth had some interesting effects – Look closely, you can see a bevel/chamfer on the edge of the far lens.

And now to answer my own question: Yafray seems to have units for lighting (and only lighting) about a 20th or so the size of Blender’s. Hence my 5 unit square Area light was much smaller and didn’t do much. I’m using a spot light now.

The lenses are no longer attached to the frame by magic!
Pins! :smiley:

OK, so it’s not that amazing.

It’s getting there, but the handles are a little short.

Yeah, I think I’ll probably do the actual handles next (Those things [you can’t see the far one] sticking out are the clamps that the handles attach to). I just felt like trying something more challenging first, such as the lens pins. Well, I say pins – but they’re actually moulded into the frame (this could probably be considered cheating)…

Looky, I made the handles.

I don’t believe it took me this long just to get a usable render, though. I spent a total of about 10 minutes modelling those [handles], and then a further 3 or 4 hours getting the materials on the lenses right, because looking at the handles through the lenses made it clear they weren’t…

The Cautics are a bit odd (It would be nice if yafray could tint photons down a bit and you could do something like clipping it to the shadow, but hey. If you look, there is a very slight reflective caustic as well (no, that’s not just a photon/plane intersection artifact. Look very carefully at where the far lens contacts the ground).
Yeah, the background sucks. I’m going to hack’nrender up a new more contiguous and higher-resolution one in GIMP, which you’ll see with the nose guarded almost final version :).

I should start saving as PNG or TGA out of blender again…

All I can say is … loose the purpulish background !

I agree…Purple!

The shades look sweet.