Sunlight and interior - impossible in Cycles?

Sunlight coming from a hole on ceiling, quite large one. The spot where it hits is burned to white, but the interior stays really dark. Is it just impossible to light the interior with Cycles (not having bidirectional path etc.). I don’t know why increasing bounces doesn’t seem to do anything. As a related question I’m also interested how do you prevent that burning to white in the area where light hits directly?

Not impossible, just impractical. Increasing bounces won’t make much of a difference after a certain point as the energy contribution will be very low. Burning can be controlled with the Exposure setting.

Here is a good example sended to me by Капитан Смоллетт (92.9 KB)

You’ll just have to light the scene like in real life. In this case, add one or 2 big, dull area lights inside that are invisible. Then balance the brightness of the sun lamp with the area lamps to get the look you want.

I can do windowsglass like this:

It will lighten up your interior mutch more.

You can remove the Bump-Node, it’s not necessary.

Just tested the “” - it boosts the environment light pretty well.
I’ve to keep that in mind :slight_smile:

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