Sunny afternoon

Hi, this is an “interior” version of my earlier exterior scene.
I’m using mostly models I created in Blender 2.4.5 for a number of different scenes in the past. The only external stuff here are the trees, which are two free Evermotion models and a modified and re-textured basic Xfrog tree.
This was rendered in Indigo 1.0.4 at an original size of 2100x1800 pixels over 30 hours on four cores. One of my longest-rendering images due to the difficult light conditions. Minor postprod for contrast and burn.
C&Cs much appreciated


Amazing render!
But the little tree or plant or whatever on the second window with the orange stuff in it, look not very real.
But, i swear, one of the most realistic interiors on this pages. :slight_smile:
Great job!

great !!! but remove the tree and add some thing else i mean if you want i am not saying to do it your choice :(:slight_smile:
its RELESTIC i like it do work HARDEST

Real nice 4 star!
i like the floor texture, where did you get it?

I really like the contrasts in texture — the soft pillows against the hard floor next to a serving plate, the single (silver maple?) leaf on the floor, the soft curtains against the metal-framed doorways, the books against the seat.

I don’t have a problem with the dwarf orange tree but I am not sure I believe in the two small (maples?) outside the closest door. They seem to stand out from the rest of the composition. Perhaps it is the color of the pots? I am surprised that no shade is hitting either pot.

It’s an absolutely beautiful render.

i want to start off by saying, INCREDIBLE!!!

an amzingly realistic render. at first glance, i thought it was a reference pic. however, upon further inspection, i think that the single maple leaf(while being a really neat addition) has a little too much specularity. i agree with what g60 and Brammie22 said though about the trees. they arnt very realistic, maybe changing the textures or putting something else in their place would reall ypush this to the next level.

Thanks guys. Yes, trees are a tough area. It’s really hard to find the right balance between poly-weight and realism. I’ve seen some amazing Xfrog trees around, but at about 800,000 polys each, they just don’t work for me unless there’s nothing else in the picture. Xfrog also has this habit of producing amazingly heavy foliage and ridiculous-looking trunks and branch, so that most of the times you need to rebuild them (which adds yet more polys.)

As for the floor, I grabbed it on Maxwell’s MXM gallery. It is called “old oak parquet” by teajazzcafe, and I really should have credited him (or her) before, so apologies.

Its quite shadowy for a sunny afternoon, and the trees look like sprites, but apart form that its extreemly good once again!

Thanks Animal. It’s pretty shadowy indeed. Maybe because it’s late afternoon ;-), or maybe because I had to do some tonemapping correction to soften the burnt highlights.

looks really good until you notice those flowers behind the door have no shadows/are floating in nowhere.

Really convincing until you look at the potted plants outside… they look like they’re floating, no shadow or anything…

I think you said that there is no actual ground plane outside? Might wanna add one in or something, floating pot is no good =/

Otherwise though, it’s really awesome!

Hey guys. It’s funny it looks that way. Even to me it does.
I can assure you the plants are firmly on the ground and there’s nothing extraterrestrial about them. I think this is just an impression coming from the fact that the pots are hidden, which means one couldn’t see a shadow if it was pitch black, and that these pots are in the shade created by the larger tree. I think I wrote this before but you can’t cheat Indigo because it’s physically based.

“I think you said that there is no actual ground plane outside?”

I can’t remember saying this, but then again, I might have been drunk ;-). Anyway, don’t believe a word of it. There most definitely is a ground plane outside.

PS: I don’t want to clutter the forum with endless stuff, so here’s a completely different (and much simpler) render. No connection to the previous one…


Get rid of the plant and I wouldn’t be able to tell it from a photo of that place.
And maybe the material on the pillows is a bit too specular.

The interior is pretty good though the plant needs to be more convincing it’s photoreal.

About the second image, nice enough, are there places that make those wacky lights?

Very nice :cool:, the first picture is almost photo realistic, but like everyone said, the trees kinda let it down, and the leaf too. The magazines and food however, add a nice touch to it and make it more interesting IMO.

I personally like the second picture better, and the fabric textures look really good, but the steam? on top of the stove makes it look kinda weird, I think it would be better without it.

Would you mind sharing the Indigo wood settings in the first picture? Because I have a hard time getting the right amount of ‘gloss/reflection’ on them.

Great job :D!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys.

cipix: You’re right about the plant. I seem to be having a hard time with flowers and stuff. Though I think the orchid works better than the “basil”. The material for the pillows is a pure diffuse.

Cyborg Dragon: Yes, actually. That chandelier actually exists. It’s a design from the 70s.

otto riis: The “steam” is actually the reflection of a textured gradient emitter located behind the camera, though I admit it’s is confusing and the phong settings for the mosaic might be wrong.
The wood settings are as follows:
Material: Phong
Exponent: 1000
IOR: 1.2
Diffuse map: Blendigo default values
Bump map: gamma=1; A=0; B=0.001; C=0
Exponent map: gamma=3; A=0; B=1000; C=0

just a little thing about the second image, isnt there one lightbulb-thing missing? or is it suppoed to be that way??
impressive work on both pictures 5*

I like the seconnd better… the plant still needs work, but it doent stand out as much as hte first shot…

Love both!

Mr_Magooo: Well, quite a few are missing. But that’s the design. It’s asymetric and each “pole” has only three lights.

Okiphia: Yes, plants will be the death of me. As I said, I’ll leave the orchid as it is but I’ll have to find another basil (mint, sage, or whatever that is).

…and you’ve only joined in December 07? You must have been blending much longer than that!

Great stuff!