Sunrise in a medieval city

Hello Blenderheads,

firstly I want to say that I am a beginner with Blender. I just dived in ^^.
I know that are not good requirements for my intention, so I hope you can help me
a little bit.

The thing I am fascinated of is a snapshot from the Assassin’s Creed 2 E3 trailer (you can see it in the attachments).

The great thing of that image is, that there is a bright sun and a dark city. The sun breaks through the dark clouds and because of that just lights up some parts of the city roofs while the other ones remain dark. This gives a nice contrast and in my opinion an epic feeling :wink:

So, my questions are:
First, how can I make such a beautiful cloudy sky with this nice lucid and dark contrasts?
And second, how can I make a rising sun that doesn’t brightens the whole scene, but only parts of it?

Thank you.

Kind regards,


here we can i see i think some volumetric light like difusion in the upper atmosphere and even down may be because of some fog!

so you could try with a volumetric light or may be add some volume and a spot light behind to create this volumetric light effect!

hope it helps

happy 2.5

I didn’t know about volumetric light, so thank you!

It have come to my mind that the dark parts result from light that is blocked by some buildings. And this is of course due to the sun which is shining very aslope.

So, to have this effect I should make an entire city. Puuh … :slight_smile:

Now the question is how I get such a nice sky?
Are there some tutorials to be recommended?


Kind regards,

well there are some sky angular map available