On the technical side, I added a bit of a canvas texture over the final painting in photoshop. This can be added in the compositor in Blender with a texture set to overlay/soft light/linear light.

But overall, to give it a painterly look, it starts back in the lighting and composition, and trying to replicate the feel of old masters paintings. Aesthetically it’s about light and dark counterbalance, and where you want your eyes to focus on. On top of that, there’s the emotive qualities which need to come across.

Then once it’s rendered, I do a photoshop paintover to add texture, add detail in focal areas, simplify detail in peripheral areas, and breakup, and most importantly, painting over clean 3D edges, which might be much more impressionistic in an old painting. Also, this helps draw focus to the most important parts of the painting. Keeping secondary parts of the image loose and impressionistic, whilst keeping contrast/sharpness/clarity in the main focus points. The photoshop mixer brush with a rough texture is great at giving you this feel.

Then, and only then do I stick the canvas texture over the whole image along with some other post effects such as slight chromatic aberration, grain, and lens blur to make it feel like it’s a photographed painting.

Just sticking a canvas texture on a very cheap looking image will look like just that… a clean cgi render with a texture on top.


Often before I even start the image, I’ll also think about what “style” suits the subject matter best. This for example was meant to feel like something you could see next to a on oil painting and have a similar feel. But other pieces, i go for more of a “photographic” feel, so then I think more about studio lighting, lens choices/depth of field, grain/chromatic aberration/light leaks/flares, general lens optics, and the potential use of motion blur.

I always ask myself, how does this story need to be told? And use the appropriate mediums/looks/feels to sell the idea.

I do this with most of my concepts, even sketches and speed paints.

This is magnificent!

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Super-super cool. Are there some scans or is it fully hand modeled?

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Character sculpted and modelled, environment is a mix of photoscans (the main tree behind him was scanned with while I was on a walk!)


unfortunately do not exist anymore :frowning:

I know… was so sad when it stopped being available! Had to fall back on Meshroom.

This is beautiful on many levels. Great work!

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Cheers, appreciate it