Hello everybody,

After a month and a half of hard work, my project is finally ready. It took approximately 15 hours to render. Clouds and fog are halos. Post-pro in photoshop.

C C&C Are welcome!

Thx in advance and Greetz


Glad to be first to comment. This is awesome, and I believe it when you say hard work.
:Z 8) :smiley: etc…



PS: I know: maybe add a character or 2 (make human may help you). Because it’d be far, you could get away easily with less detail on your character. That would possibly make it even more interesting.

THx Arnoud,

Adding humans to the scene is a good idea but I haven’t tackled organic moddeling yet so maybe in tha future i can add some humans. But on the other hand, it’s still early in the morning. And the people are still in bed.
But thx again for your comment.


Pretty good scene. The only thing I notice though is the water flow over the rock. A land formation like that would be close to a greater piece of land (your viewpoint). That being the case all the waves would then crash on the other side of the rock or perhaps on one of the sides. So I would make the waves happen on one of the sides of the rock. It would give the waves some movement as well accross the rock.

Waves hitting the lets say right side of the rock would then have charged water (foaming water) running down the mid section of the rock and off to the left. It would be pretty dramatic and you can hide most of the wave action as you would mostly see the results of it not the action itself (could be hard to model the action). You could model the foaming water with a texture (Black with white foam mask the black out of the texture) then maybe add some bump to give it some body and perhaps particles for spray.

With the model. A way up into the fortress would be a cool thing. Like a basket and winch. Perhaps through a natural hole in the rock itself. A place to tie off vessels at the bottom would be cool for that aswell. The winch and basket to only be used for friendlies of course.

Great looking castle (fortress). Would make a great animation with a pull back from the rock as if floating back to the shore with a boat and then you reveal the fortress up top.


I dont like the sharpening filter from PS (looks too much CG beacouse of that), and the windows are to bright - when lit with candles, the building should be quite dark inside.

But overall wery good work. 8)

Great concept and execution. I really like the lighting.

I’m very interested in the technique you used for the clouds. Is it a subdivided plane with a halo texture, or did you use a particle emitter? Tell me your secret!! :smiley:

Was the ocean spray done with halos as well? It looks handpainted.

Keep up the good work!

Well there is in fact no secret. I’ve made a large plane subdivided it several times. Then I’ve applied a procedural cloud texture and pressed the noise button several times. After doing that, I deleted the verts of the lower part of the “cloud” plane. And then I’ve activated the halo button. I used relatively big halos (size 75). On that halo I’ve applied a black cloud texture. The halo material was white. This way you get a nice contrast. That’s about it I guess.
About the ocean spray, it’s done with blender and blurred with ps because there were a lot of sharp edges.

To MassTA:
You’re right about the windows. But about the sharpening filter : I used that because my blender image looked waay too blurred.

To Ronson2k3:
To make the foam, I looked at a pic of a lighthouse. And there the island on which the lighthouse stood was surounded by foam. (pic But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to model the foam. I could try that in the future.
But anyway thx for the input guys.


alrighty then:

[i like the scene. i only have one comment. why is it called ‘sunrise’ if the sun is already up? isn’t that kind of…not good? anyuways, like the scene . good job]

Wow! That looks excellent! I’ve never made an ocean that well.
It reminded me a bit of Myst at first.

If your rendered image is blurry, are you remembering to turn down the “filter” slider in the texture control panel?

pretty good- love the deatial of the castle and the waves and spray- good job


This is a really nice peice. It would be nice to see some sort of a port for ships to dock and load/unload at, and maybe an internal staircase in the rock or along the outside of the rock. What you have done so far is quite finished, now you just need to give it the spark of life. =) Great work.

Wow, that’s really wounderfull. I always love these fantacy scene’s. Great work and lovely details. It really shows the effort that was put into it.

I love the style of the tower :D.

Thx for the kind words ppl. I really appreciate it.
Adding some ships is a nice idea. I might add some in the future.

To: I__ I’ve learned to make seascapes with this tutorial :
It’s a great tutorial IMO.

Thx andGreetz

looks great!!!

A couple conceptual things that bother me: the title of the image has the word “lighthouse” but there is nothing on that tower that could shine out to see - it has no windows (well, very narrow ones). …unless it guides ships with something other than light ?
Also, the windows facing the camera look like their very well lit up. too much so. the sun is on the other side, and … they just don’t look right. Might look better if they were darker.

Looks surreal. Great concept.

Looks surreal. Great concept.

Nice job man. My favorite renders are these type of scenes. Exelent work.

really cool… makes me want to explore the interior.