Sunroom interior scene

Hey blender fanatics, im back at it with another interior render scene. This time experimenting with volumetric lighting and trying to pull off a realistic look. Heres where Im at so far.

It needs a good amount of work before I post to the finished thread. Im going to change the textures on the couch and chairs to be a wicker type base with fabric on the cushions. The brick wall needs something on it, maybe a mirror or shelf system. Aywho, let me know what you guy think!

I don’t get some people they create so awesome work in blender… and then just render it and done… c’mon postproccesing sometimes is 50% of work!

Looks great. But the chairs and couch? ouch.

Oh ill be doing some post when ive got the final render, this was just a quickie to show off the progression. Ive realized that no render comes out perfect, and I best be learning photoshop lol. UFOs, im changing the chairs and couch. upon render i sat there, shaking my head while muttering “no no no no no no nooo” haha. Im rendering out what might be the final image now, ill post it when its done…probably a good hour till its finished

Heres the final render for now, im pretty happy with the new changes and did some post work in lightroom…added a lens flare in photoshop.

Im gonna go ahead and post this bad boy in the finished works thread, thanks for the critiques!

A bump-map on the furniture might make the texture more dimensional, methinks.