Sunroom Interior Scene

I had originally modeled this room about a week ago, put it on the shelf and came back to it with some new ideas. Heres the finished version, hope you enjoy!

Here are some renders of the process behind creating this scene.

more? :smiley: i’d say gallery

the lighting is excellent, composition is good, but the couches look bad if you actually look at the textures and detail of modeling.

Composition is good, lighting too.
I would suggest though to go more detailled in the modelling and maybe tweak some materials too be more convincing.
Great scene overall! :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments and critiques! ctdabomb, one can only hope haha. jimmy, I usually do a bit more detailing, the next one I make will be more detailed for sure.

(updated version)

(original post)

Im starting to realize the power of post processing. The original finished image looks a bit dull to me now so I went into photoshop and started messing around with different settings. Which one do you think looks better; The original post or this updated one?

I liked the first one, but yeah, I agree the second one is better :D.

Bloody hell man. Slow down! You’re making us all look bad.:eyebrowlift:

Love the lighting in this one.

EDIT: photoshop one is better, brings out the light.

Did you use Cycles with the volumetrics composited in from BI by any chance?

The second one looks vibrant, though I generally think it’s not the best choice to use a texture for materials like wicker unless it was for a game. (as it does tend to have a rather 3D structure that looks a lot better when modeled).

i told you! sometimes post processing is 50% of work…

Thanks guys, time to re-finish all of my renders haha. Ace Dragon, I did exactly that, was easier than I imagined! Kramon, you were right man, I looked through some prominent 3d artists and they all use post processing as a means to get the most out of the scene. anywho, glad you guys enjoyed it. Ive already got a new project under works so look for it soon!

Am I the only one who likes the original one better? I just like the more subdued colors and volumetric light in it. The other one looks to bright to me.

I like them both.