This is my first proper blender project. I want to learn photo realistic 3DCG and want to hear some advice. Thank you. Haruka

The Light is good. But why is this image so blurry? And the sofa/pillows looks rlly fake. Woodfllor is to big

I agree with MZGarmi on the Sofa Backs and the Floor. but I think the blurriness gives a nice atmospheric look. just my personal opinion though.

Overall, I think it is a really good scene set up! Great lighting, room decoration, great work on the furniture!

this scene looks like without ceiling or roof, but the lighting and compositing so natural, great work bro…i like it :yes:

I like the composing and the setting of the scene, so good work on that, but the sofa looks too “blocky” too me; have them be more “puff” and not so rigid. Also the texture of the plant pot to the right is a bit peculiar to me, but that could be me. Great work on the rest though!

Is it just my impression or are some of those leaves too close to the camera?

Thank you for many advises! The sofa seems to be what I should work on. Maybe I should add more winkles?
Not sure if anyone noticed but there is weird square shadows around sofa and cushions. I have bit troubles with this. I posted on Stackoverflow before but the shadow on sofa and cushion gets very solid. If anyone have similar experience, I’d appreciate to know some solutions. I thought it solved but it shows up again when I render.

I will try to adjust the floor, now I see it’s too big, could be like half size.

@amri ihsan
The ceiling is glass too because it is sun room :slight_smile: Perhaps I should show it little bit?

Do you mean the background? Right, I never paid attention for the size of trees actually, I should calculate the distance and size of trees!