Sun's shadows issue on eevee with baking


I have an issue with shadows of sun on eevee

Can you help me ?

i followed these tutorials but i have issue with large scene

this is my scene

the shadows have a strange behavior and to see them you have to really get close.

And settings of sun and baking

I’m beginner so if you have a solution please tell me the process, thanks.

Please don’t make us guess – what is the issue? :slight_smile:

And this thought in passing – if, as you say, “you have to get really close to see it,” is anyone actually going to? Remember that Star Wars Episode One shipped to theaters with scenes where a crowd watching the podracer sequence was actually composed of colored Q-Tips® cotton swabs! No one noticed until a “making of” video pointed out the trick. (The shot has since been replaced.) If no one is going to see your problem, you don’t have a problem.

sorry I have trouble describing the problem myself, the first image that shows my scene is the angle the camera takes to render it, which means that no shadows are visible.

My problem here is the shadows of the sun that are almost invisible. For the baking I have trouble understanding how it works so my apologies if it’s not clear

According to the image, you need to get really close in order to see the shadows at all.

First, for a scale sanity check. What is the scale of the scene? (Check how large that vertical slab is in meters). If the scene is absurdly large, consider either scaling it down or changing unit size.

To actually fix the shadow issue, open up Sun > Shadow>Cascaded Shadow Map.
There’s a Max Distance parameter there, indicating the outer bound of the largest cascaded map. I think that’s the point of error, rather than the clipping distance.

thanks ! i have shadows now. it was very simple