Sunset and Lake

Just a quick render done during the ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle, Washington. This is about all my poor laptop can handle.

Critiques welcome!

I think this is pretty good, but it appears that you have only placed trees on the very peak of the ridge, which looks strange.

Kemmler, I can clearly see trees down the slope in areas as well. Might want to calibrate your monitor.

Nice work and welcome to Blender Artists!

I think part of the problem is that I severely limited the number of trees to preserve render time and my lighting kind of sucks. Here is a somewhat revised version and I will attempt to improve the lighting some more…

I see that you did have some trees lower down, now I realize what my issue was with the ridgeline - IRL you would not see a smooth horizon line like that, rather it would be roughened up with trees, but also shrubs, plants, rocks, etc. So the profile would not be smooth in between the trees as it is now. I found a photo of a similar scene, you can probably tell what I mean from this :

its nice but the sunset is’nt really visable