sunset beach scene

this is a simple beach scene i did.

what do you think?

I would try a different texture on the sand; it looks too smooth. Unless of course you were going for that look…

thanks Heely joe, i fixed the sand
C&C welcome

Well, on closer inspection, it looks like your flowers are not in a container. So again, unless you wanted it to be that way, a vase might be nice. I don’t know how much it would intrude though…

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I the sand looks a lot better.

i purposely didnt put a vase in, i dont know why though.
ill put a vase in and see what it looks like.
ok i put i vase in, better? worse?
all c&c welcome

Those chairs usually have planks for the seats also, but you have them as solid pice…

i tryed with planks and without planks and i prefered it without planks.

I like it better with the vase.

Also, if you don’t want planks, at least consider extruding it up, as it looks like it has no depth right now.

i fixed the chairs

any thoughts?

i dont like the color of the water its kind of greenish.

i belive that because the water itself is blue but there is a yellow-orange light on it.


Is your RAY button hit in the render panel? Do you have AO on? Both of these would help tremendously.

thanks for the tip ill try it as soon as i can