Sunset by the Sea

A quick scene, made with Blender 2.71 and Cycles. :slight_smile: Added a few effects with photoshop. Hope you like it !

Rendered @ 500 samples, click for full res!

I like it. The limited color pallete suits the scene. The rock texture is not bad at all - maybe could be better ( not that Im claiming I could do it!) I particularly like the clouds. How did you do them? The sea is Ok - maybe a bit “oily” for my preference but isnt that always a potential issue with CG seas. I do like it though.

The background is just an image plane :slight_smile: I used a basic glossy shader for the sea, but i guess it could use some sharper reflections. Thanks for your comments !

Looks like Hole in the wall from here in South Africa :smiley: Good job dude :smiley:

For oceans, always use a Glass shader with IOR of 1.330 . You might want to add more to the water shader, but water is reflective and refractive. So yes, you’ll need to put something under the sea too.

Otherwise, this is well done ! I like the rocks very much !