Sunset City

This city scene was made using the open street map addon and is a slice of San Francisco with some editing. I highly recommend this addon It’s awesome to import the actual city layout.

Samples: 200
Render time: 01:25.60 minutes
Software: Blender 2.79

Resources and References used

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I like this clay render. Reminds me of Mirror’s Edge. Pleasant light but clouds look a bit fake.

Thanks I will see what I can do about the clouds.

Wow, cool picture Tom!

Looking from closer, the street texture doesn’t seam to match quite the city though.

I’m wondering also about this blur effect on the background due to focal length, somehow looking odd to me. On a real camera, if you do the focus on a quite distant object (what I mean here, is that your foreground city part is already supposed to be quite distant to the camera), then you would have the background sharp too.
Result is that the city here seam to be somewhat of a miniature to me.
How about keeping the background sharper, and putting a slight mist effect instead?

I agree, the clay render looks great!

That is amazing feedback Thank you.
I’m really glad you have a note about it looking miniature I was trying to figure that out. I will definitely use these to improve the render as soon as I can.

I’m sure that speaks credit primarily to the lighting.

I would love to see this rendered with more samples, it’s still a little grainy but otherwise it looks amazing.

Thanks, and I agree I should get a render that is probably double or triple the samples.