sunset environment

I have finished my final scene for the Intrigue project. Let me know what you think.

I will be putting all of these environments together and doing some post-processing tricks on them very soon.

I like the lighting. And the Trees of course. They’re awesome.

Very nice scenes! The only thing I saw was in the top pic the grass shows through the leaves.

There seems to be an ugly shadow/line crossing your meadow. Maybe you should add a little more green where the grass is supposed to be. Nice car! I especially like the wheels.

yes, the grass shows thorugh the leaves. The leaves have z-transp on and the grass is a halo effect. I couldn’t do anything about it. In the animation, that is only visible for a few frames while it is fadeing in.

The line in the meadow is a lack of falloff for the spot lamps. I did not want to run the clip-end any further because you quickly loose shadow detail through the trees the farther the clip start/end values are apart. Oh well…

Thanks for the comments. I am working on putting all of these scenes together with sound/music/titles. It should be good!

Really cool 8)

You can try to solve grass problem by resorting to RipSting Grass generator, but that will make your vertex count boost up!

Also the Unified Renderer may solve halo problems…

For my point of view the border between the street and the soil is too sharp and neat, and there is an odd line Light/Shadow on the hills in the last pic!

Great work


my normal way of generateing grass is through dupliverts, but that overflowed Blender’s rendering system (too many verts). There are already 1.8 million verts in that scene.

Did you use the lsystem script for the trees? They look great!