sunset hill

model in blender 2.62
render in blender render

Try to create a relaxing image


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Wow it looks realy great. the lightning and compositing is very realistic.
and it looks great with the mountains in the backround. the trees also looks realy good!

the only thing that i don’t like so much is the grass. it looks a bit too thick :slight_smile:

I really like the atmosphere, but there are three things to improve: the grass is strange and thick, as written above, and the trees can have more branches and leafes (or it’s spring season?). By last the backrest chair can be better with 2 wood less. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for the advices!
Did some changes, decrease some grass and few pieces of wood on the chair and etc. (the tree need some more work).
not much modeling in this scene, but heavy amount of post compositing using the node.

I like it a lot. I still think, per unit area, you need about 100x more grass. Make them much smaller and thinner to fit, not sure if it’s a computing power issue or not.

yea, my computer is not that good. well let see how is now?

Yeah theres still way too few, and they are still way too thick. You should try using or whatever its called. Your render looks really nice and this is the main thing holding it back from being really super. only thing that i don’t like so much is the grass. it looks a bit too thick

make the grass smaller and more!

The yellow spots (fireflies I guess) …well, i wouldn’t put them in that scene it’s just fine without them.
There are still too many planks of wood in the bench, i think you should reduce them to about 5 and make them a bit larger
The trees are excellent, they don’t need to be changed (say, did you do this following Andrew Price’s (Nature Academy) tutorial ? )
Overall, excellent work :smiley: !

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Yes, it looks better ForgottenWorld, but needs more still.

Question…are you tapering those grass blades? If not, please do so. When I look at them now they look like ribbons or mop strings or something. Base wide > Top thin.

Or rather, thin base, razor thin top.

I like the grass in the first pic.
It doesn’t look realistic, but has a IMHO great clay/cartoon feeling.
I think it matches perfect with the pastel colors of the Image.
Maybe the back of the bench needs to be more … curved, but the number of planks is ok.

Keep on blending,

Well, I didn’t follow Andrew Price’s Nature Academy but I did look up some basic tutorial on how to make grass at youtube then change some setting to fit into my own scene.

About tapering those grass…how? I didn’t see any option(or did i miss it?) on the hair particle menu

edit: wait is it the strand option under material?