Sunset on giants Causeway

Made with Gwens excellent Big Numbers toolkit.
Wallpaper version

Nice, and the fact that i live in northern ireland make it better :smiley:

Pretty nice :slight_smile:

Did you model that seagull?

It’s pretty cool, but you waaay overdid the top/bottom black cutoff.

yup, I agree

@blenditall: yeah I modelled the seagull, it’s a ridiculously simple model though, and I just UV mapped the texture straight from a photo - quick and dirty but it worked.

@dudewithasock: Yeah, the reason I added all the black was to use it as a wallpaper, that way it can stretch to any (widescreen) resolution. But I realise it’s not the best format for the forums, I’ll swap it out.

Nice :), the lighting is pretty cool, you said you modeled the seagull, but is it 3d or 2d :confused:?

Seagull set up:

Mhhh Someone liking my script !
Thanks ben ! It is very rewarding for me to see someone using it !
And nice picture !