Sunset on the sea

Nice light ! I’m not a specialist, but if the ship lay on the sand, she should lean on one side, shouldn’t she ?

i like it. the windmill needs wooden structure and the sails of the windmill need a light prozedural cloudstructure.

Yes that’s right

I like the first one best, cause of the darker colors, to me is more atmospheric. I love the rippling water and i think this add lot’s of realism. I also like how artistic this is, and peaceful. The ship looks like it is too high with the light coming from underneath towards the front though.
The dawn one seems a little bit bright to me, and the color of the rust on the boat becomes slightly too strong. The reflection on the water in the dawn one is very nice though. I also like seeing more detail on the cliff. nice little hole in the cliff, very interesting shape.

SandraDau Yes, You are right the boat was a little high I edit more work , but the time is not enough for me and my computer is very weak

nice render

very nice man

thank you:)