Sunset Scene (Not sure what to call it)

Here’s a scene I made in Blender, but I’m not sure what to call it. Any suggestions? Tell me if something doesn’t look right, or might need to be changed.

The individual elements of the scene are well made (i.e. good modelling and textureing ;))

That being said, something is wrong with the composition. But I can’t tell what is wrong because it’s not clear what the focus of the scene is.

Would you enlighten us please :slight_smile:


I was thinking the tree was sort of the main focus. I wanted to keep it away from the center though, since the sunset sky was also sort of supposed to be in focus too. Basically, the tree is the main object, seconded by the sky. What do you think I could do to put the tree more in focus, other than moving it?

Personally, I would change the resolution to 1500x800 to achieve more of a “landscape” composition. Then change the position of the tree just slightly so that it rests more on top of the hill rather than on the side. Finally, use spotlamps to light the tree so that it stands out from the background. Also you could do some sort of a “softglow” effect on the tree to make it look like the sky is actually emitting light.

That’s just my opinion as an artist. Hopefully it helps :slight_smile:


bring the camera down, and light the scene accurately, with a yellowish area lamp from the direction of the bright part of the sky, and AO with a slight blue tint.

It couls also really benefit from some depth of field