sunset tentacle. [update with animation]

YOU GET WHAT YOU ORDER update :wink:

A moving tentacle in a fast day.

GET IT HERE (700kb)

I know the aniamation is not one of the greatest but, here you are. As for the clouds on the background I know I could have used materials that do not track shadows but I didn’t. I would have plased stars also, but they did not want to disapper so I left the scene starless.

Comment as always.

Again… The tentacle returns… This time just a small light rehelsal.

Comments please.

only thing I notice (as always with toon like renders) that shadows don’t look drawn, too soft, it would be hard to draw edges like those or at least they usualy don’t do that :slight_smile:
Other than that it’s great, I especially like the trees, they look exactly painted.

hmm, how long has he been standing there like that? when you first started, looked like morning… and now, this is more like late evening… sun is going down already.

give the guy a rest, give him a chair or something.


Thanks guys.

Basse: Yeah… my toughts exactly. Maybe I’l give him a nice chair, so he can sit down for a while. :wink:

(hmmm…what’s next, The Tentacle: Reloaded?)

Nice signature :stuck_out_tongue:

The tree and the “tentacle-thingy” look great. But you should try using a little LOT less JPEG compression (the artifacts hurt my eyes :o )

Friday13: Sorry about the compression, but I am in the end of a slow connection so it would take ages (well okay, I am exxagarating a bit) to upload my scenes.
But I’ll promise, that my next scene in the finished projects forum will be less compressed. how’s that for a promise?

Ha! That must be one of those ceramic garden elfs.

Looks great u darn hippie :smiley:

Now movie where time of day changes and clouds move

poju: You just got what you wanted. Though the quality of my animation is substandard.

Everyone, just look at the first post.

comments please.

haha. thats awesome. you should have him doing all sorts of stuff. mowing the lawn, playing croquet( :o ) etc. that would be cool.

or at least have him walk back across the screen.

Thanks NateTG.

It really would be cool to make a longer anim with mr. Tentacle here, maybe, just Maybe, I manage to do so some time or another.

My main problem is, tough, that I have far too many projects going on at the moment and I am so bad in shedding time to all of them. :wink: