Sunset to play with

Hi all, been away from Blender for a while, but now I have a bit of time again YAY :smiley: .

Did this :

and thought I would share it and the blend, which is available from my site, the link to my site is in the signature area.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

The water looks beautiful

Kind Regards

holy god! the sun is so huge!

you have to scale it down.

Hey wow. I love it. The water is amazing and the clouds actually look puffy.

Thanks for the .blend!


Its beautiful!. how did you do the water?
would you mind sharing the blend file with us?

Have you read his post?

Flashpoint are you still a bit blurry eyed from new years celebrations?? :smiley:

Its all in da blend man.

Ken :slight_smile: