I got a bit tired of all the super duper cool stuff in Photoshop and decided to get seriouse and learn to do painting in Photoshop…

I know it probably looks like kiddish stuff to some of you, but bear with me and help me get better:

Yeah… so, that’s about it. It was inspired by one dude on TV that drew nature stuff, I used to watch his program every morning during breakfast, because it was very interesting. But I haven’t drawn in real life for a long time. My last panting was a boxer dog that won me a prize on contest but that was a long time ago when I came to U.S… since then I haven’t drawn for a long time. Mostly did graphics for websites and such.

So, any comments or critics? I’d apriciate some. Maybe some great photoshop painting tutorials? I am not a newbie, I just need inspiration and some tips/tricks.


Looks pretty good to me. Nice job.

Looks great Blade. I remember once flying over the Alps at sunrise and seeing that multiple horizon thing - colour gradients etc. Beautiful. My thought is - keep playing around. Blender’s colour gradient is pretty good.

Thanks guys.