Hey all, haven’t had much time to do much modelling cause been busy at uni, but thought i’d throw this piece of s**t in, going for realism however just can’t seem to get it any suggestions.

You should probably make the waves smaller for starters, you don’t see waves that don’t go very high yet are huge. And you might want to increase the reflection of the water.

That background image look’s nice but the water and sun need alot of work.The sun should be much bigger then that,It seems to be smaller then our moon.The waves don’t seem right and the reflections don’t ether.The lighting should be worked on also.The water color looks like an ocean of Cool aid :o .Yumm

I presume the sunset is a photo and the water is CG. It’s definitely out-of-scale, and the reflections on the waves don’t match the sun. There would be no sunlight left to make the water blue; nor to illuminate the water much at all. Take a trip out to the Big Sur coastline, sit in a safe spot and watch the sunset. Look at the light: you haven’t seen it before.

haha yeah i’ve seen the light before live across the road from the beach i’m just not very bood at rendering