Here’s my first WIP thread. Comments, suggestions? I’m a newb so any constructive criticism is welcome.

Are you rendering with any AO?

Yes, the origional was 1920x1080 with OSA set to 16, but when I uploaded it it got downsized.

I think you mean OSA by AO… or am I wrong?

OSA is oversampling. AO is ambient occlusion. kind of like GI
hope im not confusing you further

No AO is Ambient Occlusion.

It makes the lamps illuminate spots that normally would not be. Its real tricky to get just right and you may have to turn the lamps down more than what you have them at now, but the results give you more realistic lighting.

what you have there now is alot of hard shadows. In real life there are hard shadows, but overlapping those hard shadows are lighter shadows where the light is reflected off objects. its like a sunray coming through a hole from window painted black. You see the ray of light as it hits the wall, but the wall will reflect some and actually illuminate the rest of the room. the rest that is not in direct sunlight from the ray. like even though the side of that house is not in direct sunlight, it will still get illumination from the sun. That would be a soft shadow. AO should give you this result with a little tweeking.

good luck and feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

Okay, I can’t find any information on how to check if AO is turned on (blender internal render). If someone can point me to a document I will be able to answer the question. (just got done searching the forums)

WOW that picture is breathtaking, I myself am a newb…you are what they call a "pro.’’ i am wondering how you did the backround sky, did you have an image pasted to a face of a cube… beutiful pic , very inspiring. =)

Lookin good so far. I like your attention to detail; the shingles are very well done, and so is the chimney.
Just a few crits:

  • The sky looks slightly green behind the clouds(although the clouds themselves are very good IMO). I don’t know if you wanted this look, but it seems a little out of place to me.
    -The left side of the scene seems to be missing something. Maybe a tree or something of the sort? Just to sort of fill in that emty space.
    -Tying in to the last crit, you have a lot of stuff in the midground but not much happening in the foreground or background. Do you want this effect or are you planning of adding anything?
    -If you want the field of grass to be stretching to the horizon, it doesn’t look like it is,IMHO. Looks like it’s dropping down into a valley to me.

Keep working on this scene. I think it’s got potential!

EDIT: Not to criticise too much, but I’ve just noticed that the shadows do not seem to be accurate, particularly the shadow of the middle fencepost.

Im sorry enriq, AO is actually also used for realistic shadow synthesis.
As well as what you posted. So, in a way, it is similar to GI. And if you try it, if you have an object floating inmidair, with nothing beneath it, its lit on all sides. With something under it, its lit only from above. So in a way, it is similar to sphere illumination or GI

Thanks, but I wouldn’t say I’m a pro yet (you haven’t seen the pics that I haven’t posted… lol).

The background sky I went to and downloaded one of the images (I’m going to be trying to make my own later), and set it as a texture in the world settings.

Thanks again.

thats looking sweet, really nice grass and lighting, no crits that havnt been said allready.

The sky is an image, but I plan on trying to change it later. As for the background I’m thinking of adding some mountains and, like you said, a tree off to the left side towards the background.

The shadows are from a sun light, any sugestions on how to correct the shadow?

free_ality and Enriq766:
Thanks for the info, I’ll need to read up on it later.

Thanks for the input.

The sky’s green I think because it’s affected by fog. It should be set to unlit and you should also set the picture to a background or to another layer, somehow exempt of fog, I wouldn’t know how to do that though, cause I’ve never used atmospheric fog before.

It’s not that it doesn’t look like a shadow, it just looks like the shadow is not being cast by the sun. It looks like there is a lamp off to the side of the sun that is casting the shadow. Some quick light repositioning should fix this:D.

That can be fixed by pp (post processing in other programs or Blender). Just move the background.

This is stunning, but I think that the shadows of the posts change direction too much, as it would mean that the light source is very close, but it isn’t really. Keep a slight change though, as it gives it a nice feel as well.

I love the grass, the house, colours, lighting, textures and just the overall feel to it!

Great work

A: what is the particle count?
B: love it!
C: I think the shadows are fine, it gives it a very dramatic feel.

Nothing wrong with the shadows, it’s just that their direction/position doesn’t match up with the sun.