ok so i am trying to make a animation of a sunset over a desert (photo realistic if possible) then have stars rising up but i am having trouble making the skydome of stars to be unaffected the atmosphere from the sun
i think i remember seeing a button for it once but i cant find it

can any one help ?

well then is there any way to rotate the world sky texture so i can animate it ?

This is a tuff one. I would suggest just using the built in sky texture and go with a cloudless sky…which should work good for a desert scene. The problem is even if you have a good sky texture I’m not sure how you would handle the change in color coming from the sun as it goes down. As the sun nears the horizon the coloring changes to orangish red and the sky on the oposite side changes to bluish purple. Maybe multipule spheres mapped with a color gradient using alpha and changing from dark purple to blue to orange to yellow to clear and then rotate that sphere inside of the outer sphere which has a full sun clear sky texture. Or you could just animate a small sun sphere in the distance and animate its color from bright yellow to darker orange red.

Not as easy as you think right? :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone has any better ideas feel free to jump in. Of course the solution is always to test test test new ideas:)

-happy blending:P

well i am just useing a sunlamp with sky and atmosphere and it looks good anuff for now but the atmosphere distorts the color of the sky dome and makes it all red and stuff but if i use a world sky texture it all looks good but the problem then is i cant rotate the sky at least from what i can see so far

SO i the problems i am having right now are ether
getting the the sky dome to not be effected by the atmosphere
or getting the world sky texture to rotate

Put the stars on a separate layer and set the (sun) lamps etc to only affect the appropriate layers.

Click the shadeless button in the material settings if you are using blender internal. if you are using cycles. CGcookie has a quick video on shadeless materials in cycles.

sorry but both things did not work and i am useing BI

Did you check the “this layer only” checkbox?

I was also going to suggest the absolute cheat, turn up emit…

yes and i have tryed that but only to 100 so i will try more :stuck_out_tongue: tho i dont think it will still not stop the color change thing

nop 100000000 and still no change XD

When you say skydome, exactly what do you mean? A sphere with texture mapping?

For stars I usually use a (few) sphere, delete all edges n faces, then a random amount of verts. With this I use a halo material.

Another way could be to use a material ID or render layer and then tweak in the compositor.

yes i mean a sphere with texture and the other way i was trying is just by putting the texture to the world sky thing
i have yet to try node stuff but i think i have an idea for something now

It should be the “this layer only” thing, but I dunno how sun atmosphere works internally (may be a post effect), so it’ll have to be a post effect i’d say…