Hi all,
this is one of my first “real” Projects that i finished. So, what´s your opinion about it?

Maybe mix up the trees in the background a bit more. To me right now it looks a bit repetitive. Also water especially the closer you get to the camera usually starts to become transparent. You’v got the reflective part of it down, but maybe try adding in some transparency to the water along with a texture to appear under the surface of the water. But you dont want to over do it.
Other than that very nice job.

I think you should increase the tiling in the water’s normal map (that is a normal map, right?).

No, it´s not.It´s done with a displacement modifier.

We can’t clearly see where the water’s surface is, creating an odd juxtaposition of images around the house.

You’re also setting this on the center-line of the frame, instead of using the “rule of thirds.”

Maybe elevating the camera a little bit and tilting down will give a bit more of the boardwalk surface to us?

But … in general … I like this image, like the colors, the abstract feel of it. It is, well, pleasing. Even just as it is right now.

lovely image.composition looks good.some more fill light in the shadow area of the cottage will be more balanced.

it is generally well made but the fact that the plants on the left are seemingly getting light from some other direction really bugs me

Good point on the rule of thirds.
It seems to me the further from the camera the water, the less detail and less ‘ripple’ should be seen - the foreground water should have more details/ripples - it seems to be very flat - and in the distance some bigger waves.
The sky is great - good colors - even a high altitude aircraft is seen.

The reflection is too perfect. Distort it very lightly to give a realistic water reflection. Real water doesnt reflect the same image unless its perfectly still, which is not the case here. Remember, very light gaussian blur maybe .05-.1

I love the skies reflection in the water and i think the waves of the water far back should be much smaller

Nice picture, i agree with sundialsvc4. can’t able to differentiate between the water surface and actual object, There should be a small discontinuity there. Although the picture looks nice with the color combination, it is not delivering the broadness correctly. try to change the aspect ratio of the camera or edit the picture to have a wider look. It will stand out then.

here is a new one.

it´s not a perfect render (fireflies…) but i think it´s better.

Maybe there should be some light ripples around the supports of the dock and the house so it would be easier to see where they meet?