I’m working on a new proposal for a public work. It is to be a sunshade over the doors of a incline elavator. the first image is just the sunshade with the insperation of how it came about and the second is it placed in the landscape.
both are done in yafray.

very nice. perhaps the lower one could extend outward a hair more. nice ground texture, but it seems to be favoring one direction indicating it is repeated too many times in one direction or the other.


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘extend outward’? your right about the ground texture, I need to fix that.


seems kind of messy and excessive and yes i went to art school :slight_smile:

but if they went for the last one i’m sure they will like this.

this is an update on this project (things in the world move slowly) I’ve been placed on a shortlist of four, but the architect has changed the concept and they have asked the shortlist to do new drawings (this time we get paid to come up with a new idea, and drawings)so yah! to blender and yafray.