Sunwell Muse


Im gonna try and do a full wip thread for once. The subject is the Sunwell Muse building in Tokyo, which has some awesome forms in its design for a bit of a challenge.

The Building reference:


It was a bonus that the layout for the building is easily found online too.



The basic form was pretty easy. I used a besier curve for each of the wavy openings at either end of the pathway, converted it to mesh and extruded.


what im having issue with is the wooden walls. The only way i can think of to have them follow the contours of the opening such as the real ones do, is to manually place the faces at each end.


This is incredibly messy as you can see. Any tips on this would be awesome.

I really love the shape!
Just a thought, wouldn’t it be easier to rely on textures for planks?

haha yes. But where is the fun in that? I still havent decided hows close to the model im going to put the camera, so doing it this way covers all bases.

Also, Plank update:


Got the biggest wall done. Unfortunately the work was completely manual.

Oh man. hey you ever been there?