Sup! Figuring out some sweet clouds, but a little stuck on transparency.

Hey hey ladies and gents. I’m trying to render out some neat clouds on a little globe. And this ain’t cycles.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Now I like the way they’re looking. It’s just a simple little heightmap on a halo texture. Well actually it’s a transparent png taken from a heightmap. But well… as you can tell. The halo isn’t rendering transparency on the non-cloud bits. I wanna see the bright little globe underneath.

And yes. I know the alpha. But that just applies alpha transparency to all the halo bits, not the non-cloud bits only.

Any ideas?

Well. I got something working. Not quite what I was trying to get but it works better I think. Man the occlusion pass on this is insane. Soooo many polys. I’m not exactly being efficient.