Supa Frogman

This is just a model I started yesterday, first time I’ve done character modelling apart from the Adrianna face (which rocked). I didn’t have any reference images apart from a picture of a frog and the body was just looking at some body building pictures to get an idea of proportions. Obviously it isn’t complete, but I’d appreciate some feedback and suggestions and i’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

So the idea is an ultra-muscle built frogman for an animation sequence we’re doing next year… the frogman’s ‘butt’ is incomplete (i’m not going for cheek definition but rather an underwear appearance) and the legs need touching up. We’re also going to portray the frogman as ‘superman’ so that’s where the model is going… hope you enjoy!

God Bless.

I can see he’s a bit thin from the side view. Bulk up his chest area and that will help make him look more like a frog and more muscular.
But overal I really like it.

The head looks pretty good but the body is a bit blocky. I would recommend removing some edgeloops as there are a lot of vertices that really don’t add to detail. Get the basic shape right and add detail later.

Ok so I’ve added a bit more thickness to his chest and abdomen, it definitely was too thin so thanks for the suggestions. I’ll do some work on his legs and post up my progress as it comes. This is the new look:

Yes, and I wish I could say I modelled this off my own exception physical frame… I have the skinny, just not the muscle :smiley:

Hey guys… here are the latest pics, I’ve done quite a bit of work toning him up and getting proportion right. As always you’re feedback is welcomed. I’ll of course be working on the legs in the immediate future. :slight_smile:

Out of everything… I’d say the hardest bit to model was his butt!